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Con sumamos a en directo en el recuerdo emocionado del mundo del fútbol a Luis Aragonés a través de .

Sergio and Fernando laugh because a journalist tells them an anecdote about luis when He called Ballack ‘wallace’ and Sergio, says- maybe fernando and me, and I take the opportunity to say hello to my good friend ‘ratuna’…(fernando laughs) (min 6:28)


"Sergio says goodbye to Fernando: hugs, Fer! and Fernando answers: chao Sergio!" (min 7:57)


Phonecall from Fernando Torres to Dani Martin (Spanish singer-composer), on Telecinco - 15.12.2013

Dani Martín: Good afternoon, who’s this?

Fernando Torres: Good afternoon, Sir.

Dani (surprised):…Fernando Torres?!

Fernando: Was it that easy?

Dani: You’re amazing. How are you?

Fernando: Delighted to be calling you and surprising you. Your mom, Mrs. Carmen, who I love very much, called me earlier today and said “would you mind calling Dani today for a show he’s doing?”. I’d do anything for you so it was alright. I’m loving watching you on T.V. right now by the way -because I am watching you, just so you know-, and hello to everyone else on set!

Everyone: Hello, Fernando!

Fernando: I called Dani when his latest record dropped and I thanked him… thanked him for everything he represents for so many people. I’ve been incredibly lucky to be in his company and to have him close to me during all these years. It’s an honor to be his friend.  

Dani: Fer, I love you so much. Thank you for taking some time to do this for me, I’m very moved right now. I’d like to say what an amazing person this guy is… our families have known each other for years now and he’s the kind of person who, despite everything, has only ever cared about his family and who follows no other path but his own. I admire him and love him dearly.

Host: I imagine Fernando is very happy to be an Atlético fan right now?

Fernando: I’m as happy as I’ve ever been, even if I live far away now. I’m very happy, I’m enjoying being a fan of the club in this time being and I hope it lasts for many, many years.

Host: Are you ready for Brazil 2014?

Fernando: There’s still a long way to go but I’m very hopeful about the possibilities of being there and be able to retain our title. Football is just a tiny part of life, but it does bring happiness to people, so I hope we can do that and give our people something back, something for them to be proud of and happy. As a country, we’re lacking some of that at the moment.

Dani: Fer, I love you, tío!

Fernando: I love you too, hope to see you soon.  

Dani: Kisses!


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